Everyone is talking about it! Dr. Ben Carson awarded for excellence in healthcare after publishing a prostate treatment that will save millions of lives!

Meanwhile, in USA: cheeky doctors in a secret agreement with pharmacies hide an effective drug that eliminates prostatitis once and for all and every year they pump money out of men, prescribing expensive drugs and very expensive procedures.

Ben Carson at the presentation of Prostate Treatment Drops

In early spring 2023, something incredible happened at the American Urology Congress. The entire hall gave a standing ovation for 10 minutes to the person on the podium, Ben Carson, a doctor from USA. It was Ben Carson, a doctor from USA, who suggested using a unique formula that can completely cure prostatitis and prevent its deadly effects.

Ben Carson came up with a great idea and american and swiss scientists worked to make it a reality. Specialists from the Institute of Urology, the National Medical University and many other specialists were involved in the development of the drug. The drug has already been developed and shows excellent results.

Read today's feature: how a new drug could save millions of lives and why citizens in USA can get it at a big discount.

Correspondent: "Ben Carson, you are a very experienced doctor, why did you decide to tackle this urological problem?"

Ben Carson: I don't want to talk about this in public, but the motivation here is purely personal. A few years ago, my father died of prostate cancer. It seems that everything was fine, and then came a painful death. Then I started to study issues related to urology. I was shocked when I realized that most pills in pharmacies are useless chemistry that will only further mutilate the entire body. And my father took them every day.

Prostate cancer

For the past three years, I have been fully immersed in this topic. The new treatment method for prostatitis, which everyone is talking about now, actually appeared when I was writing my thesis. I realized that I had invented something new. But I could not believe that it would cause so much interest from different structures.

Correspondent: I know they wanted to fine you immediately after the publication of the results of your discovery?

Ben Carson: Yes, three days after my speech at the conference. Fortunately, the Urology Institute had already contacted me by then. They helped me organize this situation.

Correspondent: But what happened?

Ben Carson: Some of the major players in the market were afraid of my possible agreement with the Institute of Urology and other institutions to develop an innovative drug. By then it was already clear that it can completely cure prostatitis and will serve as an excellent remedy for increasing potency. No one wants to lose millions or billions because of some scientific discovery. That is why they made a fuss about nothing. Apparently, they hoped that I would not understand any of this and that no one would protect me. But when the lawyers took on the case, it became clear that everything was wrapped up with white threads. And they left me alone.

Normal prostate and inflamed prostate

Correspondent: After that there were no more problems?

Ben Carson: No problem, but there were attempts to buy the formula from me. As soon as publications about my method appeared, I immediately started receiving several offers to sell my idea. The first was French, offering 120,000 $; the last was an American pharmaceutical company, which wanted to buy it for $35 million. Now I have changed my phone number and I don't use social networks because every day I receive offers to buy my idea through all communication channels.

Correspondent: But as far as I know you have not sold this formula?

Ben Carson: No, I didn't. It may sound a bit rough, but I didn't create it so that some people abroad could benefit from it. What happens if I sell the formula? They will patent it, ban others from making it and raise the price of the drug. Then americans will simply not be able to get rid of urological problems, prostatitis and lack of potency. One of the foreign doctors told me that a drug like this must cost at least 1,000,000 dollars! But that's crazy, who can buy it for that money in USA?

Therefore, when I received a proposal from the government to participate in drug development in USA, I immediately accepted. We worked with the best specialists. It was absolutely fantastic. Now the drug has passed clinical trials and is available to everyone.

Dr. Ben Carson

Correspondent: "What is the essence of your idea, does it really help to get rid of prostatitis?"

Ben Carson: My idea is a new approach in the fight against prostatitis. Let's see, how do the well-known drugs work? At best, at most, they relieve the painful symptoms for some time. At the same time, the truth is that they damage the vessels and the heart, bringing death ever closer even from a stroke or a heart attack. But they do not affect the underlying cause of prostatitis: the resumption of blood circulation in the prostate area. The problem persists and, what's more, gets worse every day you take these drugs.

My idea is to eliminate the root cause of prostatitis and then get rid of the disease in a complex way! First, the recovery processes are activated. The prostate begins to clean itself, bacteria begin to be eliminated from the body. This reduces the size of the prostate. Then urination becomes normal and the inflammation disappears. The body begins the purification process. In the third stage, the area of inflammation is completely reduced and all bacteria are eliminated. The body's natural ability to maintain a balanced state in the prostate is restored. The erection is normalized as sperm can be safely produced in the prostate, restoring reproductive function. As a result, prostatitis disappears completely and strength returns as in youth!

Correspondent: "What about medication? There are plenty of them for men with prostatitis".

Ben Carson: That's the point, there are lots of them. But they are all based on a simple principle: to eliminate some of the symptoms of the disease, without eliminating the cause of its development. Moreover, these drugs dilate the blood vessels of the prostate and urinary tract, damage their walls, overload the kidneys, the heart. Yes, they temporarily eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis and the person feels better in the short term. But in general, they rather negatively affect the body than have at least some positive effect. With their help, it is impossible to get rid of prostatitis. If you look at the formulations of drugs from pharmacies, any specialist will say that they should not even be taken.

Correspondent: "Is prostatitis really that bad?"

Ben Carson: Have you seen the mortality statistics in USA? How many die from prostate-related cancer, remember? 63%! That's more than two thirds. Have you seen at least one person who would have died from prostatitis, but who would not have had cancer? I bet you haven't. And the doctors at the morgue haven't seen it either. Because it doesn't exist. Everyone who died from prostatitis as a result of kidney failure, heart failure, prostate cancer, etc. had a problem with prostatitis to begin with. Everyone! In the US, it has long since been realized that it is prostatitis that causes all this. A fish rots from the head, and a man from the...? And if we eliminate the consequences instead of the cause, we can take a handful of drugs every day but the result will be zero.

Correspondent: "What is this drug called, which was created on the basis of the formula? Can you tell us briefly about its action?"

Ben Carson: The name of the drug is "Prostate Treatment Drops" It is effective due to the complex effect on the body and the unique composition, mainly of highly concentrated healing extracts of natural origin. "Prostate Treatment Drops" completely eliminates inflammation of the prostate, cleanses the urinary tract and kidneys. It restores the normal blood supply, stops the processes of necrosis and putrefaction. The prostate stops carrying infections to the urinary tract. After the treatment, men recover completely, sexual desire increases, the risk of prostate cancer is eliminated, problems with urination and all other related problems disappear.

The drug is not just another design of chemical formulas transferred from one drug to another, but is a unique alloy of highly concentrated plant extracts. This makes it not only as effective as possible, but also completely safe to take the course. The product is certified and has passed all the necessary tests.

Already 2-3 days after the start of the course, the inflammation of the urinary tract is completely eliminated. The prostate is then cleaned and restored. Unlike chemical pharmacy drugs, "Prostate Treatment Drops" have no negative effects on the heart or other organs.

The composition of the drug contains many natural components! I will list some of them, for example:
1) pumpkin extract (treats bladder irritation, kidney infections)
2) African plum extract (used to relieve pain caused by kidney disease, urinary tract problems, prostate inflammation)
3) Copper (promotes male health by increasing libido)
4) Zinc (is an important trace element that treats male infertility, normalizes testosterone production)

We have been distributing "Prostate Treatment Drops" in USA for over a month and conducted a selective survey among 10,000 buyers!
Survey results:
1) Normalization of urination, relief of excruciating pain - 99% of respondents.
2) Simple and effective treatment - 100% of respondents.
3) Improved potency - 92% of respondents.
4) No side effects and addiction observed - 100% of respondents.

Correspondent: Will "Prostate Treatment Drops" be sold in pharmacies?

Ben Carson: We tried to sell "Prostate Treatment Drops" via pharmacies for a month. However, we decided to break the contracts for the supply of "Prostate Treatment Drops" to USA pharmacies due to the fact that they started selling our drug at a huge markup!

Pharmacy representatives said that such a high price was justified by the fact that "Prostate Treatment Drops" is what patients need for treatment and prevention once every 7-10 years. No one else will spend money on old drugs every month if it is possible to take a course of "Prostate Treatment Drops" and forget about health problems. People stop buying antiprostatitis products and potency enhancing drugs!

And that, they say, leads to huge losses of money for pharmacies! That's why they've raised the price significantly on the "Prostate Treatment Drops" !

This is why the manufacturer of "Prostate Treatment Drops" has broken the contract with all pharmacies. Instead of waging a useless war against pharmacies that inflate the price by 5 times, the manufacturer turned to online sales! Therefore, we can offer the most favorable price for buyers!

Correspondent: And how much do "Prostate Treatment Drops" cost?

Ben Carson: When the Urological Institute and other national institutions heard about the huge increases in pharmacies, they wanted to launch a discount program and help our online project financially. As part of the program, everyone can buy a product with a 50% discount.

Correspondent: How long will the discount program last?

Ben Carson: WARNING! The promotion where you can order Prostate Treatment Drops with a 50% discount is valid until 18.01.2024 including. Therefore, I recommend that you order "Prostate Treatment Drops" as soon as possible. The program will no longer run this year!

Correspondent: Where to buy the original "Prostate Treatment Drops" to avoid a counterfeit?

Ben Carson: In USA there is only 1 way to get the original drug! To avoid speculation and counterfeiting, anyone who wants to buy "Prostate Treatment Drops" should go to the official order form where you can get a 50% discount on the drug!

Don't be afraid to leave your request! At this stage, to book the drug with the discount, you just need to enter your name and phone number and our operator will call you back! He will tell you the details of the drug and answer all your questions about the treatment and delivery.

Payment only after receiving the product.


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Sebastian 11.01.2024

I had problems with peeing, I am a truck driver. I thought about going to the hospital, I felt so bad. Now I have to go to the toilet once every 4-5 hours. I can't believe it, I used to buy shit at the pharmacies.

John 12.01.2024

I feel a sort of burning sensation and have poor potency. I want to believe that it will help me ... And with such a big discount!

Kate 13.01.2024

This is how I put my husband... literally. He no longer has prostatitis and the strength is great now.

Johannes 13.01.2024

I read in a medical journal about this remedy. I think it was an article by some famous urology doctor?

Lea 13.01.2024

"Prostate Treatment Drops" It really helps a lot! I ordered it for my husband who almost had prostate cancer. Thanks to "Prostate Treatment Drops", everything is fine. I recommend it.

Torkel 14.01.2024

The course helped me. But I am going to take another prevention course. I am afraid the problems will come back.

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You've got it! It must be delivered to me tomorrow.

Kristofer 16.01.2024

I have been taking it for 2 weeks and I have really stopped going to the toilet so many times!

Thomas 17.01.2024

The health centers are in chaos. We haven't gone there for a long time, it's useless. And in the private clinics they take all your money. I am very grateful to Ben Carson, that we can now get "Prostate Treatment Drops" at a discounted price.

Ann 17.01.2024

I read the comments and realized that you have to order it! I will place an order.

Christel 17.01.2024

I made an order, nothing complicated. After 3 days the courier brought it to me, thank you very much!

Milian 17.01.2024

It is a miracle. I had neglected acute prostatitis and problems with potency. My heart ached, the pressure jumped and many other things. Now everything is over. Finally, I am happy together with my wife.

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